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藝術家 為疫情繪製美麗色彩

「在疫情這段時間,大家的日子都很難熬,還要戴著黑色口罩,因此,我想做一件帶來歡樂的事! 」倫敦的法國藝術家卡米爾·瓦拉拉(Camille Walala)設計了一系列彩色俏皮口罩,受到市場歡迎,她是和藝術慈善機構Migrate Art合作,和多位藝術家一起,每個口罩20英鎊,利潤用於資助英國倫敦的食品慈善機構Refugee Community Kitchen,以提供難民社區的每日三餐,目前賣出了2000多個口罩,希望減少因疫情而受到影響的弱勢族群。

卡米爾·瓦拉拉(Camille Walala)擅長用色彩和圖案產生令人愉悅的效果,除了美麗的口罩之外,她也在倫敦西部的懷特城,和東部的萊頓城,揮灑了豐富多彩的設計,先是彩色的人行穿越道,接著,又將一排建築立面,塗上了鮮明色彩和圖案,像是一幅又一幅美麗的壁畫,也成了醒目的公共藝術。接下來,還有倫敦壁畫節的年度計畫,她將持續透過色彩和圖案,為被疫情影響的城市,散播愉快明亮的氣氛。

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Leyton, we’re done...⁣ ⁣ No, not with you! We’re finally finished. Scaffolding down, properties tidied, touch ups complete. ⁣ ⁣ The project, inspired by a conversation a good few years back between Paddy and Andy has been accomplished 🎉 ⁣ ⁣ With funding from the pot (especially for projects like this) by the Mayor @sadiq and the rest fundraised by YOU (alongside some very special businesses within the surrounding area) we say a huge big THANK YOU. ⁣ ⁣ The planning, effort and doing of #walalaparade has been incredible. Some may think it’s just a painted wall - but for some people it’s brightening up a drab patch of Leyton and for that we’re truly grateful to everyone involved. ⁣ Of course it wouldn’t have been possible without the vision and creativity of Camille @camillewalala (and we’re so very fortunate to have her artwork here in the borough) thank you Camille.⁣ Check our stories for more pictures from today 🧡 ⁣ And the immense paint skills of @absolutely_studio 🎨🙌💪 of course... ⁣ So now it’s there for all to enjoy. Keep snapping and sharing your pics ❤️⁣ ⁣ And for those who want to be kept up to date with more community based projects or if you feel passionately about another patch that needs some love head to @woodstreetwalls Currently Wood Street Walls are supporting an initiative to fundraise for a youth space in the borough led by ⁣@projectzerowf ⁣ Now, time for a beer 🎉🍻

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